photo credit: Thomas Kujawinski  / Deutschlandfunk

29 Mai  2024

Public radio WDR 3: Nils Kercher’s music in the show „Open: World / Embodied Poetry“:

„In search of the poetry of sound and the sound of poetry, Babette Michel presents music by Nils Kercher and other sound poets“

link to the show

On 11 July Nils Kercher facilitated a workshop for "drumming & the art of listening" with  50 participants while cruising on a boat on the Rhine river.

„As the beautiful scenery with its historic castles and chateaus floated past us, it felt like we were creating the soundtrack for an atmospheric movie.

It’s always precious to dive into the flow of rhythms and song together with other humans and share the timeless space that opens up… 

It's a great way for teams to explore nonverbal communication and strengthen the group spirit.“ (N.K.)

11 July  2023

see more photos / videos of the event on facebook here

25  May 23

Interview with Nils Kercher from 2016 on public radio WDR 5 now available on Youtube

Listen to the interview here

7 May  2023

Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen were invited to play during the live show „Sonntagsspaziergang - Travel notes from around the world“ for  the public radio „Deutschlandfunk“ that was broadcasted live from the DLF chamber music hall in Cologne. Foto: Thomas Kujawinski  / Deutschlandfunk

Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen were invited to play during the live show „Sonntagsspaziergang“ for  the public radio „Deutschlandfunk“ that was broadcasted live from the DLF chamber music hall in Cologne.

You can listen to the recording of the show here

(the song Kaira-Iniké starts at Min 26:00)

Jul-Aug  2022

Summer tour with festival concerts  in Finland, Sweden, Germany

Dec  2021

Tickets now available here 

live stream Concert  OR in person in Cologne - Lutherkirche

30 December 2021  20:00 (Berlin Time Zone - UK Time: 19:00, Finnish time 21:00) 

with Nils Kercher, Kira Kaipainen and special guest Hale Heikkila

8 Dec  2021

The international news-network (Daily Good / facilitates a live-streamed-Interview with Nils & Kira moderated by filmmaker and author Pavi Mehta (USA / India). The network also publishes an article on the new music video of Nils Kercher’s song TIME TO SHE OUR SKINS directed by Kira Kaipainen, who also wrote the lyrics. Article written by  Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland

6  Nov 21

new video ! 


from the album 

Can You Smell The Rain (2020)

March 21

new review of Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen’s live stream concert in the March issue of the UK based Songlines magazine:

„The duo performed a wonderful set with conviction and virtuosity“ 

(Tony Gillam / Songlines UK)

21  Dec 20

Tickets now available here: Online Concert  

30 December 2020  20:00 (Berlin Time Zone - UK Time: 19:00) 

with Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen: 

End-Of-Year Concert streamed from our music room with a selection of songs from 3 albums  

A unique combination of sound, poetic lyrics, melodic vocals and a captivating groove.

20  Dec 20

new video online ! 


from the album 

Can You Smell The Rain (2020)

5  October 20

concert review in Westdeutsche Zeitung about the concert on 2nd Oct in Krefeld: „Like a warm sunrise…Their voices create a sense of balance and Kercher's subtle shades change into powerful pitches and head full review

28  April 20

The public radio station HR 2 (Hessicher Rundfunk) presents Nils Kercher’s new album.

Link to the show

HR comments:

„beautiful might think of Paul Simon and his Graceland trip to Africa... peace, harmony, feel-good music in times that are not always so harmonious... 

"global singer-songwriter art"

Very dreamy - but sometimes, if you listen more to the lyrics, also very challenging…“

Exciting project and cross-cultural - somewhere between Mali and Helsinki lies the Rhineland".

24  April 20

Interview with Nils Kercher about the new album by music journalist Dylan Cem Alkalin published in Bonner General-Anzeiger. Read full interview here read the interview here

Online Konzert  11 April 2020 with Nils Kercher & Kira Kaipainen: SONGS IN OUR LIVING ROOM


Due to the letters of many listeners from different corners of the world, who wrote about how soothing listening to the new album was for them even in these strange times, the idea was born to continue the suspended album release tour at least with an online concert. The artistse will share the songs with the world as a duo in their home through a live stream, at the place and in the simple form in which they were written.

More Information and tickets here

Postscript: inspired by the so very positive feedback (thank you all so much!!!) and the special atmosphere we are looking forward to the next online concert. Please check back soon for the coming dates or sign in for our newsletter!

7  April 20

New review of Nils Kercher´s Album „Can You Smell The Rain“ published by music magazine Musik Reviews read full review here 

"...cosmopolitan skill somewhere between a Paul Simon, Youssou N'Dour and Peter Gabriel...

just like the voice of the first Genesis singer, Kercher's voice radiates a charismatic fascination in the high registers… Nils Kercher's most modern album". read full review here

23 March 20

14  March 20

Great review of „Can You Smell The Rain“published in Rocktimes! Read the full review 

Goosebumps...timelessly beautiful, worth listening to even in the future...It is impressive how deeply the ten songs touch you in so many different ways.

Nils Kercher has a fascinating, individual musical handwriting, which distinguishes him as one of the outstanding artists, who is not limited to any genre.

Dreamlike vibes meet splendidly designed dynamics... Hats off, Nils Kercher & Co.! (Rocktimes Review by Joachim 'Joe' Brookes March 2020)

13 March 20

new album out today. SWR2 radio station has chosen CAN YOU SMELL THE RAIN to be the CD of the week! Listen to the interview with Nils Kercher here (in German)

13 March 20

All concerts that were planned for the end of Mach had to be rescheduled due to the current Corona-situation.

New dates will be announced shortly - booked tickets keep their validity!
Alle geplanten Konzerte für die zweite Märzhälfte mussten leider wegen der aktuellen Lage (Corona) verschoben werden. Die Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit und es werden schnellstmöglich Ersatztermine bekannt gegeben.

7 Feb 20

listen here to Nils Kercher´s new single „Time To Shed Our Skins“ which was released last week and has been received very well on Spotify

14 Jan 20

new video online ! 

5 samples of Nils Kercher´s new album - live on stage

new Video ! 



release 13.März 2020)

26 Dec 19

new video online ! 

The title song of the new album 


 (album release 13th March 2020)

1 Dec 19

tickets available for album release tour in March 2020. Book tickets now for the concert in Bonn on 5th March or Berlin (7th March). See Concerts for details

9 Oct 19

video & foto shooting for the new album. First music video will be released on 1st Dec 2019!

23 Juli  19

Nils Kercher´s Song „I Siga Fe Minde“ will be the soundtrack for a work created by the New York based choreographer Jennifer Archibald with the students of TCU (University in Fort Worth, Texas, School for classical and contemporary dance). It will be performed 5 times in March 2019 during the DanceTCU Spring Concert.

Feb 19

10Radio/Somerset plays Nils Kercher´s music in their current show called Folk, Roots and Branches (great folk music from all over the world).

DJ Jamie Robertson who visited Nils and Kira´s concert in Somerset in October comments in his radio show:  „Faboulos music, faboulos evening. I think it was just their 2nd tour in the UK, but I am sure they will be back. If you can, do catch them.“ (Folk, Roots and Branches" / 25th October)

25 Oct 18

Read the autumn newsletter online (in German).  Subscribe to Nils Kercher’s newsletter here

Sept 18

In the studio for Nils Kercher´s new album with the excellent guitar & bass player Vincent Themba Goritzki.

August 18

25 Oct 18

2 days of recording for the World BEAThoven Project, initiated by Darius Darek Roncoszek for the 250 year Beethoven anniversary: some extracts of Beethovens compositions played by instruments from all over the world, such as the West African kora or balafon, as well as Asian gongs, Arabic oud, Indian flute, etc. All these recordings will be accessible for free for DJs and producers from all over the world to create remixes... in 2019 there will be a live concert combining all these elements and musicians in Beethovens birth town, Bonn... by the way, it was quite an undertaking, but also a lot of fun to translate these melodies to West African instruments... we are curios to hear the results!

6 May 18

Music journalist Tony Gillam / UK, publishes review of Nils Kercher´s album “SUKU - Your Life is Your Poem” on his blog. The review was originally published in the renowned British music magazine SONGLINES. He writes: “...This is particularly compelling on 'Tuuli Itkee', where the insistent pulse creates an effect almost like the music of Steve Reich....offers a beautifully crafted dreamworld of shifting rhythms and many-layered voices and sounds.”

16 March 18

Newspaper “Neue Westfälische Zeitung” publishes review about the concert in Oetkerhalle / Bielefeld (live broadcasting by public German radio station WDR 3) titled “Irresistible Power”.  click on the picture to read

15 March 18

The recordings of Nils Kercher & band´s  concert in Bielefeld / Oetkerhalle, that was brodacsted live on 14th March by WDR radio, are  still online for 30 days here: WDR Medithek

11 March 18

Review by music journalist Thomas Kölsch about the concert on 11th March in Bonn. It says “the crowd is spellbound... a fascinating exotic evening filled with emotion...”   read the full review

05 March 18

the concert in Oetkerhalle / Bielefeld (live broadcasting  from 20:05 - 22:00 by public radio station WDR 3) on 14.03. is sold out.

20. Jan 18

 New concert video online: Nils Kercher: TUULI ITKEE  filmed in the concert hall at Beethoven's birthplace

06. Jan 18

OAR Radio / Ottago, New Zealand presents Nils Kercher´s latest album and writes: “Nils Kercher is a German composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and thoroughly dedicated afrophile. His latest album is both superbly produced and musically irresistible with thorough attention also given to the promotional clip for this track from the album Suku - Your Life Is Your Poem.” (host: Alistair  Addis) Listen to the show  broadcasted on 06 Jan 2018

13 Dec 17

Latvian public radio presents 30 min of Nils Kercher´s Album SUKU-Your Life is Your Poem  Latvija Radio, LR3, show Neakademiski DJ: Dina Dūdiņa-Kurmiņa

20 Nov 17

Nils Kercher & Habib Koité in Bonn while planning the program for their mutual concert in Berlin on 28th Nov  Foto: Sabine Büttner

18. Nov 17

Public radio Radioeins / RBB Radio, radio show “Dschungelfieber” announces charity concert of Habib Koité, Nils Kercher & Awa Ly for Amref Health Africa in Berlin on 28th Nov and plays songs of their albums.    Listen & read more

22. Okt 17

 Review  on Nils Kercher´s concert  on 19 Okt 2017 in Krefeld. It says “The audience is fascinated, enthusiastic and responds with standing ovations.... the vocals transport you to wide horizons, the music starts to breathe and carries a beauty and poetry that affirms seamlessly the titel of the current album SUKU – Your Life is Your Poem...“ Link to full review by Susanne Böhling

31. Aug 17

poster for the charity concert with Malian´s superstar Habib Koité and Nils Kercher for the 60th anniverary of aid organization AMREF